Gate to Education III

We are continuing the “Gate to Education” project for the third year, which aims to provide textbooks and other training materials to support early childhood education. In 2019-2020 RY, PAG George Maybee D5450 organized an inventory to ship from the US to Mongolia, and the Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue received more than 10,000 books, 24 leap pads, 160 pad books with chips, 15 projectors, 16 laptops, one desktop computer, 12 cassette, and CD players, 228 toys, 88 basketballs and footballs, 41 audiobooks, 223 books with CD, 100 video cassettes and children’s movies, 6 world globes, and 9 black/whiteboards.

PAG George bought textbooks, reading books, and other training materials from school libraries during the auction of their old books, as well as items on sale at Amazon. PAG George and his team put Rotary logo stickers on each item individually.

As Rotarians, we categorized and sorted the books, counted all of them, and divided them into 50 schools, 8 libraries, and 6 recreational centers for children with disabilities. We also contacted the Mongolian Education Alliance, received contacts of trained teachers, posted ads on their Facebook group, and gave a call to all the teachers who requested to receive books and other teaching supplies.   

All textbooks, reading books and other training materials from the United States was handed out to 50 urban and rural English language teachers trained in the English Teacher Mentorship program organized by the US Embassy in Mongolia and Mongolian Education Alliance. The books were distributed to all 21 provinces. The teacher’s book and annotated teacher’s edition were not available to all teachers, so we donated those books to the Mongolian Education Alliance. If a teacher’s book is needed, teachers can temporarily borrow it from the Mongolian Education Alliance. In addition, we have donated reading books to eight different libraries and toys and additional supports items to six recreational centers for children with disabilities in order to help the children with disabilities so that items could be integrated into the regular classes curriculum.

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