Maternal and Pediatric Equipment for rural clinics in Mongolia

With solid support from Rotary club of Capital City Sunrise (D7870) of Concord, NH and the generous contribution from IMEC organization, the project has equipped 4 maternal and prenatal centres and clinics located in rural communities in Mongolia to immediately improve their diagnosis capacity and/or treatment of fetuses and newborns in an effort to reduce mortality and morbidity rates.


The project goal has been and continues to be providing maternal medical equipment for under equipped clinics in rural Mongolia. After a careful study and survey we chose following rural hospitals as our project beneficiaries:

  1. Gobisumber, 2. Omnogobi, 3. Zavkhan, 4. Dornod, 5. Bulgan provinces

Budget: 64,802USD (worth of 800,000USD)


Contemporary Mongolia is in a transitional period where it is recovering from Soviet’s centralized market economy to free market economy. Because of that transition Mongolian government barely invested in its’ education and health sectors. That means most of the hospitals in Mongolia cannot deliver the service that local people need due to their broken, outdated or discontinued models of medical equipment from Soviet period.
There are several medical projects have been implemented for last few years through a cooperation between Ulaanbaatar (UB) Rotary Club and Rotary Clubs from Australia and USA. There was even a whole volunteer team from Australian Rotary Clubs came to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to install the Cardiac Cath Lab at the biggest hospital of Mongolia.

As of today we have done these projects so far, but it was just a tip of an iceberg. There are hundreds of clinics that are in a great need. Those Rotarians who got these project started have left Mongolia back to their homes. Therefore, Rotary Club of Capital City Sunrise Concord in D7870 and
Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue in D3450 successfully completed the project with the effort in helping the Mongolian doctors and nurses in rural areas who strive themselves to save another live. We have collaborated
with the IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative) to supply maternal and pediatric equipment. We surveyed five selected rural clinics which allowed us to supply the equipment that they need.  The US/international club (Capital City Sunrise) was responsible for preparing and
shipping the container and UB Peace Avenue Club in Mongolia facilitated the
logistics of the container receipt in Mongolia including customs and distribution of the medical equipment to those clinics.


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