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Project aim:
To improve to quality and accessibility of education in English, Mongolian language literacy as well as the environment.

Project Result:
Since its inception in 2016, have reached out to all 21 aimags in Mongolia, including truly rural schools as well as special education. It has:
– Created and donated 40,000 books, created special needs education/reading materials including bilingual, braille, daisy and sign language video books.
– Provided training to parents, teachers and librarians for preparation for school as well as inclusive education.
– Travelled over 4,000 km across Mongolia to provide training and conduct.
– 6 years of sustainable collaboration and expanding networks, including youth involvement in Mongolia and the USA.

Local professional partner Mongolian Education Alliance. Overall over 300 organizations (Rotary and non-Rotary business, NGOs and more in Mongolia, USA, Hong Kong and Japan) and numerous individuals

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