To Achieve the Humanitarian Peace by improving the Health and
Economy for the Disadvantaged Family of the Remote Area in Mongolia

To Achieve the Humanitarian Peace by improving the Health and Economy for the Disadvantaged Family of the Remote Area in Mongolia

In this project, we believe that if we donate a well-equipped medical vehicle to the hospital located in the cold, remote and lower income area, where the medical care is deeply in need, the health condition of the people especially for the economical workable age can be improved. Then their family surely can be protected from being poor. Thus, of course, the social problem can also be reduced. Therefore, the peace of the society will be achieved, and then the peaceful society is, of course, the fundamental of Humanitarian Peace in the world.

Areas of Focus: Fighting disease

Target country: Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the biggest countries in terms of landmass (total area is 1,566,000 km2), it has a sparsely populated population of just over 3 million people. According to the latest figures, there is a big shortage in medical care vehicle across Mongolia and those that are provided by the government are of old used and poor quality which is far from the actual needs in the country! On a yearly basis, around 600,000 calls are received by the ambulance services of where 25 percent counts for the capital city, Ulaanbaatar and 75 percent counts for the other 21 provinces spread around the country.

The target Community: Mandal soum, Selenge province

Project performing organization: The Hospital of Mandal soum (Medical Center)

The Hospital of Mandal soum is established in territory Bor-Guvee in 1934 with 3 employees and 15 beds. The building of the hospital was constructed in 1989, the status of 2nd level of Medical Center in the rural area.

It serves medical services to more than 30,000 people despite the citizens of center of the soum also outside of the soum / Herh, Tunhel, Baruun-kharaa/ where people regionally not related to the prefecture. Previously Mandal soum named Zuun-kharaa, the population of the soum is 26600.

The medical center accredited three times, it has 24426 м3 of 6 hospital treatment departments, and 16 functional cabinets, the capacity to provide health care services to 300-350 people per day.  The medical center runs its operational role with the administration, diagnosis, voluntary counseling and testing centers.


The number of beneficiaries

  • Daily diagnosis: 8 people/day, 200 people/month, 2,000 people/year.
  • Quarterly diagnosis: 300 people/times, 1,000 people/year.
  • Direct beneficiaries are: about 3,000 patients per year.

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