In Mongolia, disabled people are being left out of the employment opportunities, due to lack of suitable jobs and lack of skills. Therefore majority of the disabled people in Mongolia are in or under threat of poverty. Though the Government of Mongolia is implementing policies to increase employment opportunities for disabled people, there is still lack of dedicated jobs and trainings for them.

Disabled people are seen in the Mongolian community as burden, because receive pensions and are not able to work, which makes it even more difficult for them to learn new skills and get employed. However, according to researches, handicapped employees are no different from normal employees, if they are in the right job; they even tend to be active, punctual and accurate.

There are no special training centers with an access for handicapped people in Mongolia. Also, training courses are expensive, so it makes difficult for people with wheelchair to get skills to improve their lives. Also, many disabled people live in outskirts of the city, thus it is a challenge for them to reach city centre by bus or by taxi.

After completion of this professional computer training, they learnt the intermediate level of knowledge on how to do green book, logo, banner, name card, website, and graphic design of the organization, workbook, magazine cover, and many more tools using designing programs. Therefore the skilled and independent citizen, whose lives are improved, would be the project outcome.


The Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue in cooperation with the Association of the Deaf of Mongolia provided sewing training to selected participants. A total of 15 deaf persons enrolled for the 2 month training which included theory and on-the-job practice at the Tumen Buyan sewing factory. The Ministry of Labor and its department of vocational service conducted an official exam for the participants upon their graduation and granted them “sewing” certificates. Our club has also partnered with a work recruiting website for specifically for the disabled to help them connect with employers in need of trained people with sewing skills.


The Club’s role was to facilitate and organize the training while monitoring the performance of teacher and supporting the participants. In particular, we have announced the program and promoted it to target group of people and interviewed and selected the participants from over 80 applications. We also have connected with the Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users so that we have established greater network of people on wheelchair and finalized on venue and equipments for the training, where we did the monitoring. Moreover, we have promoted the graduates to the public using social media and national television so that they can be hired as well as putting their resumes on number of job postings.


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