Vocational Training Team (VTT)

The Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue partnered with the Rotary Club of Taipei Songren to send vocational training teams focused on the improvement of professional skills. We organized VTT programs 4 times including 9 ENT professionals and 3 retinopathy specialists. Each VTT consisted of 3 professionals and the teams traveled to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei for a month.

Accompanied by a professor, they were given the opportunity to sit in on the professor while he or she was teaching, to read the relevant reading material, to be with the professor during treatment and surgery, to ask questions, and to ask questions immediately. 

Project team members collected all necessary materials from all doctors such as CV, photocopy of foreign passport, graduation certificate, medical license, certificate of medical service and duration by each doctor’s hospital, within 3 months the personal physical examination report and insurance; and translated into English if it needed in order to receive permission from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan. The partner Rotary Club contacted Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to identify the doctors who would accompany the Mongolian doctors, arranged a date to go to Taiwan, booked a dormitory for the doctors, picked up and dropped Mongolian doctors from and to the airport. Project team members managed to receive all weekly reports from doctors and sent a consolidated report to Taiwanese Rotarians.

All the doctors who went through the VTT program were very happy to see so many cases in a short period of time that they do not see in Mongolia. The ENT specialists said they were very inspired to see the robot perform the surgery. In addition to treating people, they saw firsthand how the surgery is performed and got acquainted with the technology and equipment used by Taiwanese people. For ophthalmologists, they were lucky to attend the conference were presenting a study on very rare cases. 

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